For Mogi respect for things means sustainability. Respect for the beans, mostly coming from trees grown in not extensive plantations in order to preserve aroma and biodiversity.

Respect for people means growth.

For this reason Mogicaffè has chosen to act on the coffee supply chain, cooperating for the education of new generations of roasters with cooperatives that work at the re-integration of adults and young people in difficulty. In the same way Mogi Caffè acts on the territory. It is the sponsorship of cultural and art events.


Mogi coffee was born in 2007 in Bergamo from one idea of Monica’s. Monica (graduated cum laude in Agriculture), has breathed the aroma of coffee since she was a child.
Her family has its origin in the territory and long years of experience about coffee. Gianluigi,
Monica's brother, helps her to grow up the idea.

Mogi is small and is in hurry to grow up.


We only do what we can do better.

We hand-pick the best coffees and we work them in Italy. We export, together with a very good “Espresso”, even what to believe in.

The respect for people and for things.

For coffee beans, we try to pick up more and more beans from trees grown in not extensive cultivations to preserve the aroma and biodiversity. For the planet, we move towards not-matched and separable packaging, to make the separate collection waste simple. For its inhabitants. That is why, on the one hand we support Art and Culture, on the other hand we act on the chain of our coffees. We cooperate with those who train new generations of coffee bean roasters and we work together with cooperatives involved in reintegrating adults and under-age youth with a difficult past or with an otherwise easy present.


Mogi Caffè selects the best blends and works them in Italy.


A blend of highest quality 100% Arabica coffee, composed of 5 different origins. The high technology roasting and the storage in can bring out the unique qualities of each distinct essence which make this blend exclusive for its fragrance, its sweet and delicate aroma.


Selection of prestigious coffee coming from Central-Southern America and Africa. Sugars are caramelized by a slow roasting process thus exalting the fragrance and aroma. It is a full-bodied and creamy coffee. Harmonious flavor of highest quality with a low level of caffeine.

MOGI Ethic

It is the result of the cooperation between Mogi Caffè, L'albero del caffè and Slow Food’s International cooperatives. The roasting process is part of a social project that offers new job opportunities to detainees and people who had fallen in social difficulties. The types of coffee offered come from Huehuetenango, a Slow Food’s garrison. The result is a coffee of an ancient aroma, which reaches the consumer through an integrated spinneret, fair and exclusive, unique for its ability to stimulate the senses and promote social quality.


Mogi is also product design.
Because our coffee is Made in Italy like the Art, the Culture and the Design that we love.
Beside our Espresso you will find a world made of every day objects which are beautiful because they have been designed with sensibility and sustainable thanks to the selection of original materials.
We like to think that as well as Coffee Flavour also the MOGI World brings us back home.
Here you can find the whole MOGI Collection (Eshop)


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